Fondazione Don Giovanni Zanandrea ONLUS



The Don Giovanni Zanandrea Foundation was founded on 24 March 1918, in Cento (Italy), a few kilometers far from Bologna, Ferrara and Modena.For over 100 years support the needs of the most fragile population of our territory. Orphans, minors at a disadvantage, the elderly, people with disabilities: these people have always been given care and attention.The founder, Don Giovanni Zanandrea, was born in 1898 in Vicenza but took care of the orphanage in Cento, until he found the Foundation dedicated to him.


Since 2019, the Zanandrea Foundation has begun to design and develop projects within the programs funded by the European Union “Erasmus Plus” and “European Solidarity Corps”. The aims of these projects are to finance research and development in the social and social educational fields, to promote the European mobility of young people and to enrich the internal skills of the operators group.

As a partner, we mainly participate in Key Action 2 (KA2) of the “Erasmus Plus” program which aims to promote the exchange of good practices and foster educational innovation at European level and finance research and development projects. We are accredited as a reliable and competent partner in the development of inclusive projects at local, national and European level.

In 2021 we also obtained the recognition of the “quality label” to nominate “European Solidarity Corps” projects that make it possible to finance European mobility projects for volunteering and personal enrichment projects for young girls and boys. Within these projects we host volunteers from different European countries, who in addition to living an experience of great personal enrichment, bring ideas, energy and new stimuli into our daily activities.

In this section you can download and consult the project outputs developed within the projects financed and managed by the Zanandrea Foundation.